Approach to increasing your personal & professional productivity

1. Align & prioritize VALUES & GOALS

First, prioritize success.

  • Our values drive what is most important to us.  First, we have to identify your core values.  Then we must prioritize them.  Finally, we set goals for your future aligned with each value.  Our proven methods will motivate, inspire, and provide you with the framework for success.

2. Invest in STRENGTHS. Outsource SPOILERS

Next, focus your resources wisely.

  • Your strengths drive performance and give you energy, while spoilers derail and frustrate growth efforts. By knowing your strengths and focusing your time on them, you enhance your productivity.
  • What are strengths?  Strengths are the tasks that you consistently perform best for least amount of effort, and from which you derive energy.  Strengths drive your performance.
  • What are spoilers? By contrast, spoilers are the areas where you perform erratically, and achieve mediocre results despite considerable effort. Spoilers drain your productivity.
  • Our goal is not to convert your areas of weakness into strengths—which tends to be a high effort, low reward activity. Instead, our coaching identifies smart ways to maximize your strengths and minimize your spoilers.

3. Improve based on FEEDBACK

  • We need regular feedback from the right people in order to keep growing in the right direction. We help you set up ways to track results and make critical adjustments that keep you on track.