Life & Career Architecture:

Know what you love, Do what you love, Do it well

Confident decisions — whether about life, career, or relationships — come from having a clear definition of success and knowing how you are wired.  Our three phased process explores and defines these areas with you, making big decisions seem smaller.

1. DISCOVERY – figure out what you really want in your life and career

  • Sometimes we don’t really know what we want until we talk it out and test our ideas with others. During this phase, we help you identify the career ideas and life goals that make you light up when talking about them.

2. PRIORITIZATION – Agree on best fit career and life goals with your core group

  • During this phase, we focus and order your steps. By collecting feedback from people who know you best (your core group of friends and colleagues), we validate which goals and career paths are the best fit for you. This phase also helps create a cadre of supporters ready to help you succeed.

3. ACCOUNTABILITY – Do what it takes to make the transition

  • Once the proper goals have been determined, this phase emphasizes taking action. We help you do what is necessary — even when you don’t feel like it — to overcome the bad habits / fears that might get in your way.