Productivity Coaching for Executives and Teams

We believe productivity—defined as better results for less effort—increases when leaders understand how to manage themselves and their businesses based on values, strengths, and spoilers. Great leaders structure their teams around how the team members are wired. This is less common than you might think. As Peter Drucker, management guru, states: “Leaders rarely ask enough questions about their teammates, as they are afraid of being thought presumptuous, or inquisitive or stupid.”

Our system facilitates conversations with your team focused on three areas vital to productivity.

1. Align & Prioritize VALUES & GOALS.

  • Values motivate our actions and inspire our communications.  Great leaders must define and prioritize success, and then motivate others to effective action.  Our framework will show you how to do this for yourself and your organization.

2. Invest in STRENGTHS. Outsource SPOILERS.

  • Strengths are where we consistently perform best for the least amount of effort.  They tend to invigorate us.  By knowing your strengths, you can channel efforts into areas that are more naturally productive for you and your team.  By knowing your spoilers, you can outsource
    tasks that others do better, which frees time and energy.
  • Our process explores the different relative strengths of your team, and then structures roles and assignments to take advantage of how each team member is wired.

3. Spark improvement based on FEEDBACK.

  • What percentage of your time is spent in high impact versus low impact areas?  How about your team?  Strong leaders are courageous enough to answer these questions and make adjustments that lead to continual improvements.