Strategy Facilitation

We believe effective strategy—defined as the approach we take to achieve the results we want—demands that leaders make tough decisions. Great leaders carefully weigh the options, look with foresight into the future, then take action. Most importantly, they allocate resources to the right areas, and regularly analyze results to make adjustments.

Our facilitation process is creative and rigorous, framing key decisions, their potential business impact, and pushing for a smart focus of limited resources. We help you form a clear picture of success with your leadership team, and map the critical steps for achievement. Our process guides you through the important and necessary questions.

1. Prioritize what is most important to business success, and feed it

  • What business are we in & why do we exist? (visioning)
  • What results do we want in the next 3-5 years? (strategic planning)
  • What is the logic between our key activities and desired results? (logic mapping)
  • What critical steps and resources are needed to make success possible? (road-mapping)

2. Invest in STRENGTHS and Outsource SPOILERS

  • What do our customers value most and see as our strengths? (customer value proposition)
  • How do we compare to the competition and what distinguishes us? (competitive analysis)
  • What should we do less of, because others do it better or faster? (outsourcing)
  • What should we do more of, because they are clear strengths?

3. Manage performance to learn which efforts yield better results

  • How are customer preferences changing? (industry scan)
  • How should we adapt? (change management & continuous improvement)
  • What areas should we invest more and less resource into? (portfolio & project mgmt)
  • How do we know if we are on track? (balanced scorecard, performance evaluation)