Build Inspiring Workplaces For Your Team

Transform your office halls into a workspace that inspires creative thinking and important conversations. We offer photography for purchase, creative design facilitation, and experiential teambuilding opportunities. The result is pairing creativity with purpose, and activating both the creative and logical hemispheres of the brain.

Every management team wants their employees to do their best work. But few think about how the office environment can inspire the type of behaviors you want to see more in staff. Form a creative vision for your walls and halls that get staff talking more, and working harder. Create an experiential event where staff formulate ideas for how to link the art and media on the walls and halls to your organizations mission and core values. Whether it is hosting staff inspired photography events, allowing staff to paint quotes and goals directly onto walls, or creating meaning murals about the history and key turning points of your company, the goal is making your office walls come to life!

See the gallery below for photography by Chris Watz.